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[QUESTION] Do you think Trump uses Trello?

I’m slowly getting into podcasts. Yesterday, I figured I’d listen to whatever is currently the most popular one. According to Apple, it’s called “Pod Save America.” In a recent episode, the hosts interview President Obama. Early on, Obama mentions the early struggles his administration had with internal communication. He also mentions that he and his team got better at it. His mention […]

Say It Simply – My Time At CitiesAlive 2015

Last week I had the pleasure of attending CitiesAlive 2015 in Brooklyn, NY – probably the largest annual gathering of green roof and green wall professionals in the United States. It was an enriching experience. I was invited by SuitePlants, a customer of ours that makes a very cool series of picture frame planters. While there I enjoyed […]

One of the Worst Phrases

People are prone to using the phrase, “we should start” when they want to offer up an idea they don’t want to be responsible for executing. For example, “we should start organizing our invoices in a filing cabinet instead of loose in this drawer.” Or, “we should start including change order language in our contracts […]

Mike Pence, Indiana’s RFRA & Contract Language

  This morning I read an analysis of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” in The Atlantic. It breaks down and highlights the fact that—despite Governor Pence’s claims to the contrary—Indiana’s law contains specific bits of language not found in the majority of similarly titled laws. Governor Pence has claimed that the Indiana law is the same […]

What’s Your Team’s Capacity?

As a professional service organization matures and grows, there always comes a time where understanding the true work/task capacity of departments and teams becomes a big priority. Typically, execs want to know how much they can sell before they need to invest in more resources; i.e., understand details about how the business is going to […]

Free Consulting Friday: 100% Utilization

Question Hey Golobish Group, I really want to get my (professional services) team to 100% utilization. How can I do that? Answer Since utilization rate is a calculation, the easiest way to get to 100% is to simply change your calculation method. Problem solved. Ha! Image Caption: Old-timey steam whistle reminiscent of the ones from […]

Small Data. What’s Your Plan?

Amidst the continued buzz surrounding “big data” and its promise to revolutionize business, it’s easy to overlook the “not so big” data you likely already have. Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, it’s just bigger. Image Caption: A data analyst reviewing punch cards, the precursors to disk drives. When the business media and big data thought […]

Constructing a Non-Corrosive Corporate Culture

Companies love to brag about their corporate culture. That’s a fact. Usually, it’s a way for a company to highlight themselves as occasionally fun, nerdy, innovative or just silly. Maybe your company has Beer Fridays, or monthly Pajama Mondays. However you’ve chosen to embrace the silly side of your company’s culture—the truth is that constructing a […]

Top 3 Reasons Execs Should Blog

Photo Credit HowToStartABlogOnline.net Chances are, you or your exec have worked diligently for years to establish expertise and gain hard-won credibility in your field. In addition to sharing this expertise with prospects, clients and employees in the real world, you should be doing the same in the virtual world; i.e., on the Internet. Here’s three […]