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Thought Leadership 101

Thought leadership is no longer an Internet marketing buzzword/fad. It’s a respected piece of the marketing puzzle that is valued by prospective customers and search engines. However, individuals who need to establish online thought leadership the most, CEOs, execs and other visionary/leader types, are the least likely to have the right mix of time, discipline […]

Sniper Rules & The Big 3

“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.” These words are often (presumably) spoken by firearms instructors and military commanders when training people to perform precise actions that keep them safe and free of wasted effort–two critical things in high pressure situations. Similarly, wise managers know that frequently the fastest way to move themselves or a team […]

Picking Teams

Advice for Hiring AKA Picking Teams Hiring well is crucial for any business. And everybody knows it. However, the Golobish Group has found that hiring processes are typically the most immature within an organization and lead to its most costly failures. For example, many managers and execs just “wing it” through candidate interviews. Or, they […]

[REMINDER] Did you scrub expenses and change passwords this quarter?

Whether you’re in marketing, sales or IT, a universal problem every organization experiences is paying for goods or services they no longer really need and dealing with passwords and data security. Maybe you started using a tool or technology platform that really solved a problem—at the time. Then you got new tools. You evolved into […]

C.R.E.A.M. – Cash Rules Everything Around Managers

For better or worse, for growth or destruction, the most powerful positions in a company are those closest to the cash. For example, finance people typically hold significant power because they understand the company’s cash situation. Cash allows execs to make decisions. Decisions cost money. Relatedly, account managers or people that interact most closely with […]

Power, Prestige or Position

Be wary of people that ask for power, prestige or position. If you give them some, they will likely ask for more. When you have no more to give, they will become or make enemies. Further, it’s far more powerful to be recognized or to recognize someone by surprise than to constantly be asking for […]

Startup Trials

Starting up is easy, just like failure. Maintenance and growth, those are the hard parts. There are people that just “start up.” These people are always “starting up” and never finishing and never maintaining. I really don’t want to be one of them. So, rather than “starting up” this blog again by removing the previous […]