C.R.E.A.M. – Cash Rules Everything Around Managers

For better or worse, for growth or destruction, the most powerful positions in a company are those closest to the cash. For example, finance people typically hold significant power because they understand the company’s cash situation. Cash allows execs to make decisions. Decisions cost money.

Relatedly, account managers or people that interact most closely with the client are also typically very powerful people. Since it is their relationships with clients that often result in more/less cash being earned/spent, a successful account manager that handles the “cash source” aka client, is a powerful voice within in any org – inside our outside personnel management.

Middle management, try as they might to be close to the “cash source,” are often sidelined in major, company altering decisions. Their hands don’t have a direct line of sight into earning cash. Therefore, one’s ability to “bring in cash” and “earn,” will often make up for inadequacies in management, ethics, behavior, personality, planning, etc. These are the facts of life. Cash rules everything around managers. Get close to money – even if you hate it and don’t desire the power, prestige or position that comes with it. Being close to cash will further your ability to counsel people towards the correct perspective – inside and outside your immediate org.