People are prone to using the phrase, “we should start” when they want to offer up an idea they don’t want to be responsible for executing. For example, “we should start organizing our invoices in a filing cabinet instead of loose in this drawer.” Or, “we should start including change order language in our contracts so we get paid for scope creep.” Both are probably great ideas; however, like with all ideas, they are commodities that don’t have meaningful value until they are executed.

Image Caption: The band Yuck

If you’re prone to punk tendencies, stop “we should start” thinking all together. Instead, start something and don’t tell anyone about it. Make no grand plans or announcements. Just do it. And for others, be more impressed with people that complete things than talk about starting something.

The examples above were simple. As you meet with people over the course of the next couple business days, listen for this phrase either from others or yourself. See where the conversation leads and if any true action is planned. You may be surprised with what you hear.