[REMINDER] Did you scrub expenses and change passwords this quarter?

Reminder imageWhether you’re in marketing, sales or IT, a universal problem every organization experiences is paying for goods or services they no longer really need and dealing with passwords and data security. Maybe you started using a tool or technology platform that really solved a problem—at the time. Then you got new tools. You evolved into better platforms. Similarly, employees and contractors come and go. However, they are often given access to data and tools that remains with them unintentionally after they move on.

New tools are sexy and they can accumulate quickly. Passwords are cumbersome to manage and maintain. The question is, do you have a standardized process for looking at which tools and passwords you’re actually using and then scrubbing away the excess? If you don’t, you’re probably still paying every month for tools you’re no longer using and former employees can view your sensitive data.

Scrub Expenses

Give someone in your org the quarterly task of scrubbing expenses (if you’re already doing it more frequently, good work). It’s helpful to build a list and just check the boxes when something is complete. Some of the questions you should be asking yourself when looking at expenses are:

  • Do I even know what this tool or platform is?
  • Who uses it?
  • How often do they use it?
  • Am I paying for multiple things that do the same thing?

This should help winnow down what you keep in your toolbox—and help make sure you’re only paying for tools or platforms that are providing a good utility for you and that are worth paying for. Make sure that you’re consistently scrubbing expenses every quarter to avoid unnecessary revenue drain.

Change Passwords

Along with scrubbing expenses, it’s a good quarterly housekeeping task to change passwords for all tools and platforms. Make sure the tools that you’ve chosen to keep in your corporate toolbox can only be accessed by the people who need them. If you don’t, former employees very frequently still have access to them which puts your IP at risk. As a matter of good corporate discipline, change passwords at least every quarter and delete any old users. When you’ve established the discipline of undertaking these two quarterly tasks, begin to build out your own housekeeping list. You may find it useful to create a reminder list of things that need examined weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually.

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