Sniper Rules & The Big 3

Sniper Rules image“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.” These words are often (presumably) spoken by firearms instructors and military commanders when training people to perform precise actions that keep them safe and free of wasted effort–two critical things in high pressure situations. Similarly, wise managers know that frequently the fastest way to move themselves or a team in one direction is to slow down and move in a coordinated manner. If you or your team are having trouble slowing things down so you can be smooth/fast, try out the Golobish Group’s team “smoothening” management tool called “The Big 3.”

“The Big 3” has three simple steps:

  1. Write down the 3 most important projects you need to complete in their order of priority
  2. Complete each project, in order, one after the other and DO NOT add more projects until the first three are done
  3. Return to step #1

Festina Lente (make haste slowly) – Augustus, Founder of Roman Empire

The Big 3 is designed to help teams and individuals focus on what’s truly important–doing the right work, not just work–and getting it done without introducing distractions. At the Golobish Group, we too often see teams working frantically on dozens of projects at once and adding new ones all the time without truly completing anything in a satisfactory manner. If you’re unsure if you should try slowing things down to speed things up, ask yourself: How many projects did I get done last week that I actually planned on getting done? The answer may surprise you.

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