Top 3 Reasons Execs Should Blog

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Chances are, you or your exec have worked diligently for years to establish expertise and gain hard-won credibility in your field. In addition to sharing this expertise with prospects, clients and employees in the real world, you should be doing the same in the virtual world; i.e., on the Internet. Here’s three reasons why.

1. You Need to Control Your Online Reputation

Crafting frequent, thoughtful articles from your expertise wheelhouse goes a long way toward cementing the online reputation you want. When a prospect or customer “Googles” your name or looks you up on LinkedIn, you want content to appear that carries your professional message. You have to create that content. It won’t always appear on its own.

Similarly, are you contemplating a career move? Having an established presence as a thought leader in your profession can serve as a catalyst to the career move you want and potentially entitle you to a larger compensation package. Maybe you’re perfectly happy in your organization, but secretly hanker for more personal prestige. Harnessing the discipline to consistently produce thought leadership can do that for you. A little healthy boost to the professional ego never hurt anyone.

2. You Need to Crystalize Your Thinking

Even if you have no desire to create thought leadership articles for credibility or reputation management, leaders should still publish their thoughts. As it relates internally to your organization, emerging as a known thought leader can help you garner a larger group of loyal follows from within your organization. Most importantly, publishing your thoughts helps you crystalize your strategic planning and philosophical underpinnings; i.e., vision, and gives your team a framework they can reference with just a web browser. A happy outcome of publishing is typically that new initiatives you roll out suddenly require less time and energy on your part to get organization-wide buy-in and adoption.

3. You Need to Attract More Online Prospects

Chances are, a large portion of your prospective customers use the Internet at some point to make a buying decision related to your product or service. The same effort taken to increase loyalty and follower-ship internally can have positive implications on your organization’s ability to attract new clients as well. If you want to leverage your personal brand and influence to grow your client roster, it doesn’t require additional effort on your part. The same frequent and thoughtful articles highlighting your expertise and track record of effective problem-solving that resulted in a larger internal follower-ship will attract new clients as well.

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